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First things first: is the sofa going to be the room’s showpiece with you decorating around it, or will it need to comply with an already decorated room?  Whichever your case is, choosing the right color is essential when purchasing a new sofa.

Neutral vs Accent

If you want your sofa to be the hero of the room, you could choose a tasteful vibrant pattern that draws the eye directly to it, or consider a luxurious upholstered fabric with fine details. You could even go for a daring bright color for a contemporary look.

If you’re choosing a sofa for an existing color palette, or if you’re a design enthusiast that frequently updates your decor, then a neutral sofa might be a safer bet. Neutral sofa colors tend to be the most popular choice because they are versatile and compliment most decor, which can make buying new furniture and redecorating less complicated.

Light vs Dark

Consider your floor color and whether you have rugs. Will your sofa sit directly on the floor or on a rug? Will the floor be dark wood or light tile? If you’re sofa is the same shade as the floor or rug, it could disappear into the room.

Dark Colors: The great advantage to dark colored-sofas is that they can hide wear and stains. If you opt for a dark color, but have a darker floor, choose a sofa with metal or light wood legs, or lighter accent details to create visual space between the sofa and the floor. Lighter rugs, or light/metal accent furniture could help define the sofa from the floor and create that visual balance.

Light Colors: It’s of course a lot more difficult to maintain the appearance and cleanliness of a light-colored sofa and you’ll have to face the challenge of minimizing stains and wear. Do you love cuddling with your dog or cat on the sofa? Do have kids?  Remember that one little accident could ruin your brand-new sofa forever. If your sofa will be used by kids and pets, and you have your heart set on a light color, then washable slip covers can be a stylish compromise.

Choosing the perfect color

After you’ve decided on light or dark sofa, put some serious thought into color. If this won’t be a showpiece sofa, then opting for a neutral color may be the best choice and can make your life easier in the long run. Neutral colors bear great benefits: they’re easier to integrate with existing and new decor, often balance out an overly cluttered room, and often have a timeless aesthetic.

Neutral doesn’t have to mean beige or brown. There are many beautiful neutral color varieties like blue gray, cloud pink, green frost, floral white, mauve, and lilac to name a few. Choose the best sofa color that works with the room’s color-palette for a cohesive look, and remember to keep the long-term in mind.

Finishing touches

Chairs, accent pillows, and throws are excellent pieces to add complimenting pops of color and pull a room together.

Thank you for following our tips to choosing a neutral or colorful sofa. We hope this makes your selection process seamless and enjoyable.

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