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Our cushions are available with everyone’s individual needs in mind. There are 6 choices in softer fill including hypo-allergenic for those with allergies to down feathers.

2.0 foam cushions can be ordered in soft, medium, firm and extra firm for consumers with special physical needs. All are 1.5 Kodel book wrapped. Below are two that sell most frequently.

Standard Fill

2.0 Density Foam Core (unless specified in soft, medium or firm) the 1st choice for most consumer’s comfort. It comes with 3/4“ crown on both sides. Crown is placed in center of the foam core to create a round shape at the front of the seat cushion finished by a 1.5 Kodel book wrap. I will send you a diagram.

Polycloud Fill

(consumers wanting softer seating) 2.0 Density foam with a medium-soft core insert that contains 50% clusterfiber, 45% white goose feather and 5% white goose down filling. No crown or Dacron Wrap.

Can’t decide? We can do 1/2 and 1/2!

I recently created a Sectional that was I/2 polycloud & 1/2 regular foam because the husband & wife were not able to agree on the cushion fill. It looked great (no appearance difference) and they both got what they wanted. Win Win!

Back Pillow – Diagram

Available in: 10/90 down, 25/75 down, 50/50 down.

Seat Cushion with Down – Diagram

The foam core is wrapped by one of the following fillings, encased in a quilted channeled 100% Cotton Natural cover (unless Specify below). While this breathable proof Cotton Natural Cover, we can create a feather barrier.

Seat Cushions with Foam – Diagram

We offer soft, medium, firm or extra firm.

We hoped you enjoyed these tips to help you find the perfect cushion. During your in-home consultation, we get to know your families specific needs and will make a custom cushion recommendation. if you’re not in the area, give Sherrie a call and she can talk you through the process: 916.833.2289.

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