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We’ve been told time and again that getting a good night’s sleep is critical to our health and well-being. Achieving a luxurious night’s rest doesn’t just mean sleeping for enough hours – the quality of sleep is equally as important. If you are one of the many people who struggle to get a good night’s rest, you may want evaluate your sleep experience. Fortunately there are a few simple ways you can enhance your sleep experience and get the luxury sleep you deserve.

Since we spend a third of our life sleeping, spending a little extra on some essentials can be a life-changing investment. There are many things you can do to optimize your sleep experience, but this article discusses one of the most important factors that contribute to luxurious rest: your bed. Here are some ways to create the ultimate bed for a restful luxurious experience.

Organic Luxury Sheets

Your sheets are more important to getting a good night’s rest than you may think. The best kind of sheets keep your warm in the winter and cool in the summer – Organic Egyptian cotton, cashmere, or any other natural, minimally-processed fibers will breathe well and wick moisture. These sheets are known to last a long time, are sustainably sourced, and feel better on your skin. Luxury sheets are without a doubt the best choice for a luxury sleep experience.

Consider an Adjustable Bed Frame

This may be a little “extra” but if you experience breathing-related issues, like snoring and sleep apnea, an adjustable bed frame can elevate your sleep quality dramatically. An adjustable bed frame is also excellent for back and neck pain. It allows you to create a position specific to your needs for optimal comfort while relieving pressure, enhancing circulation, improving digestion, the list goes on!

Opt for an Alternative Down Comforter

There are no comforters more comfortable than a down comforter (say that 3 times fast). The great thing about alternative down is that it won’t cause allergic reactions like goose down might. Alternative down comforters are versatile and excellent for people who prefer to sleep in warm or cool temperatures alike. They are usually not too heavy and can be used year-round. Alternative down will literally be the comforter of your dreams.

Upgrade Your Mattress

If you’ve had your mattress of 20 years, or feel springs poking through, or your back is chronically aching because your mattress is too soft…it’s definitely time for a new mattress. Having the right mattress is a highly personal decision and takes some research. Whether you prefer some bounce with an innerspring mattress or firmer base with a memory foam mattress, make sure to purchase a mattress that will address all of your needs. You may also want to look into a mattress topper for additional comfort. Investing in the right mattress is critical to a night of luxurious rest.

Following at least one of these tips will surely upgrade your bed for a more restful sleep.

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